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Passing an Object as a Parameter in Intent

I was dealing with a project where I have multiple pages and they both deal with the same object. The object was saved in the cloud. I could retrieve this object from cloud anytime I want and in any page. But I wanted to reduce the number of calls I make to the cloud backend. Here is what I need to do

  • 1)Retrieve the object from cloud once
  • 2)Create my own domain model and transfer the data from the cloud object to it.
  • 3)Make modification to the domain model based on user input in page 1.
  • 4)When user action takes them to page 2, pass the domain model object to page 2.
  • 5)Make modification to the same domain model in page 2
  • 6)Then save the object back to cloud.

To achieve the object transfer from page 1 to page 2(or activity 1 to activity 2) we need to follow the below steps
  • 1) Create a domain model which is serializable
  • 2) Add the object to the intent
  • 3) Retrieve the object from intent

Step 1: Creating Serializable Object

public class Event implements  Serializable {
	private String eventId;
	private String eventName;
	private String category;

You can implements the Serializable interface to make any object serializable.

Step 2: Add the Object to Intent

Event eventObj  = new Event();
Intent i = 	 Intent(Context packageContext, Class cls)
i.putExtra("Event", eventObj); 							

Step 3: Retrieve the object from Intent

Intent i = getIntent();
Event event = (Event) i.getSerializableExtra("Event");