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android:gravity vs android:layout_gravity? (7-Mar-12)
Chronometer in android (9-Mar-12)
Complex View Animation (4-Nov-12)
Creating a scroll bar for TextView in android (21-Jan-12)
Creating Vibration effect in Android (6-Jul-12)
Custom Layout for Toast? (8-May-12)
Game timer countdowns (9-Mar-12)
How to add custom font to the text view in Android? (22-Jan-12)
How to check whether the device is connected to Internet? (5-Aug-12)
How to control visibility of elements in android? (16-Jan-12)
How to deal with Phones of different screen size? (26-Feb-12)
How to find memory leaks in Android? (16-Feb-12)
How to pass parameters from one activity to another? (6-Feb-12)
How to read files under asset folder in android? (19-Feb-12)
Passing an Object as a Parameter in Intent (26-Mar-13)
Passing Parameters to the Activity thourgh Intent (19-Dec-11)
Pleasures of Relative Layout - A boon for UI designers (19-Jun-12)
Saving information using Shared Preference in Android? (19-Feb-12)
Scale Animation in android (23-Jan-12)
Shake Events in android? (28-Mar-12)
Slide in and Slide out animation in android? (28-Oct-12)
Text to speech in android? (2-Feb-12)
Volume Control In Android (17-Nov-12)
Working with List View Controllers (28-Jan-12)
World of JSON & GSON (17-Jun-12)
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